API Documentation

RaftProt V2 offers a RESTful API to allow users to interact programmatically with the database. The API has several endpoints to extract data related to studies, experiments, proteins or tissues.

Calling the API

  1. Choose endpoint:

    First, choose the endpoint (listed below) depending on the information you want to extract. You should decide whether you want to get data list matching a criteria (ex: studies published in 2015, experiments performed for a specific organism), or get details about a certain entry (ex: details about a certain protein).
  2. Choose filters for lists:

    These are matching criteria for your search. Using the same example (studies published in 2015), we should choose the year=2015 filter.
    Filters can also be combined with operators other than equality (=). We can get studies published '2015 or later' 2015 using 'gte' operator (Greater Than or Equal), so the query will be (/studies.json?year__gte=2015).
    A full list of useful operators can be found here
  3. Choose output format:

    Most endpoints support JSON, CSV, XML and HTML formats. You can specify the format by either passing it as parameter (?format=json) or adding a suffix to the endpoint (/studies.json, /experiments/exp001.xml).

API endpoints